Superhero Comic Book Maker HD is a Must-have for Young Artists

Superhero Comic Book Maker HD

You might have seen your little one show an interest in art as he prefers to scribble instead of playing with toys. Or perhaps he particularly enjoys the stories you share with him before bed time and has a tendency to add his own words to it.

Well, if you're a tech savvy mom or dad, then you may want to check out Superhero Comic Book Maker HD from Duck Duck Moose, creator of award-winning educational apps for kids. This nifty app gives an outlet for your little one's creativity by providing him with all the tools to create his very own super hero (and monster) themed comic.

With so many interactive items to choose from, this app will last your little one a while. There are over 170 animated stickers that come with their own sound effects. The prerecorded sound clips and special actions play with a single tap (or a long press for sentences) on the character. Kids can mix and match these with the default scenes, choose a photo from the device or even draw their own backgrounds in order to fully realize their vision.

Kids can draw sharp lines using colored pencils or opt for softer strokes using crayons. There are a vast number of colors to choose from, which allows players to experiment with many different palette combinations. In case a mistake is made, players may make use of the Eraser. We would have preferred to have an Undo button as well, but at least there are size options for the existing tool.

The variety of scenes is nothing to scoff at. There is a desert, a saloon, one that places the story on a spaceship and even a futuristic backdrop involving robots. There is a Coloring section which provides 28 pages that can be customized to a tee using one tap color fills. No need to stick to boring one-tone colors either as there is a way to use rainbow stripes, even patterns for a really festive, bold-colored scene.

Superhero Comic Book Maker HD

Perhaps the best feature of this Duck Duck Moose gem is its voice recording system. This allows your budding artist to narrate the story in their own words, moving the characters around while they do so. By using zoom or pinch gestures, players can change the size of sticker characters as well.

There is a three second countdown that prompts the start of a recording, making it easier for children to time their narration. We found this intuitive, though grown-ups would probably have to demonstrate what the app can do for the benefit of very young children.

The app simplifies creating impromptu comic strips by making use of a simple drag and drop system to reorder scenes. By combining previously created scenes, they can form a comic strip, completing their very own unique story from start to finish.

For the young artist, Superhero Comic Book Maker HD is truly a fun app that offers hours of entertainment. The intuitive interface makes for good accessibility even for small fingers. Parents need not worry about the content as all the in-app assets, including signature Duck Duck Moose nursery rhyme BGMs, are kept kid-friendly. There are no third party ads to mind either, which earns the game another star in our book.

Superhero Comic Book Makeris rated 4+ in the Apple App Store. It is compatible with iPad devices which have been updated to iOS version 5.0 or later. It is recommended for children 3 to 9 years of age, but we're sure parents would also get a lot of mileage from it once their kids have saved a few comic keepsakes.

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