Into the Snow: A Stella and Sam Adventure Encourages Exploration and Discovery

Into the Snow: A Stella and Sam Adventure

Into the Snow: A Stella and Sam Adventure is an interactive story book that weaves together beautiful watercolor graphics with intuitive game mechanics. It is a part of an app series based on Marie-Louse Gay's work and is developed by zinc Roe. This delightful title tells the story of siblings, Stella and Sam, along with their dog Fred as they go on a quest to search for a toboggan that got lost due to a snowstorm.

The app features text-free storytelling with menu shortcuts that allow players to easily revisit favorite scenes. There are three different activities to enjoy within the title. Voiced instructions are given as a part of the story, blurring the transition from animation to game and making the audience a valuable part of the adventure.

Fans of the popular television or book series will love Into the Snow as it does a stellar job of portraying the characters. Stella and Sam's wonderful relationship will surely charm both children and grown-ups as they show an enthusiasm for adventure, promote creativity and reward healthy curiosity. The content is suitable even for tots as there are no technical or delicate content to be found within the app though parents may need to demonstrate how to proceed in the story.

It will take grown-ups only five minutes or so to view the whole story but the title will get plenty of mileage from children exploring the interactive pages on their own. Players can enjoy the activities at their own pace. They may even be retried with different images or items, adding to the title's overall replay value.

We liked the fact that the explanation for the game mechanics blends in seamlessly with the rest of the dialogue. For instance, picture on the snow will have Stella arranging sticks to form a figure. To help little ones with their own creation, faint lines will be left on the ground as an outline. Dragging the twigs around and completing the figure will reward players with more interactive content such as a shark fin which may be moved with a tap. Some of these details come with their own sound effects, lending a sense of wonder to the scene and promoting imaginative thinking.

Into the Snow: A Stella and Sam Adventure

There is also a snowman building activity that features limited customization. Decorations and accessories such as hats and arms come with a pair of options to choose from. Children need only to tap on the item they want in order to add it to their creation. As this activity is very basic, it is perfect for beginner learners.

The third activity involves swiping at the screen to uncover object buried under the snow. There are lost toys, scarves and random objects for children to find as they clear out the snow.

With its accessibility for toddlers and seamless delivery, Into the Snow: A Stella and Sam Adventure fits in beautifully with the rest of the app series. Each of the activities may seem pretty basic on its own but as it is cleverly woven into the tale, it may even delight children above its intended age bracket. The story is simple yet sweet, backed up with lively delivery and charming little details. As the activities can be finished at a leisurely pace, it is great for kids winding down before bed. As there are no written instructions for the activities, grown-up guidance may be necessary to view the story through to the end.

Into the Snow: A Stella and Sam Adventure is suitable for preschoolers. This engaging app is a part of a series so grown-ups may want to check out the Stella and Sam Story Pack. The bundle comes at a great price and features all five interactive story books (Into the Snow, Cocoons and Caterpillars, Rainy Days and Rainbows, Backyard at Twilight as well as Go There Square).

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